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Dexter Cattle

Dexter Cattle are small cattle of Irish origin. See www.dextercattle.org.au

They are 'beefy little milkers', which means they are pretty versatile and popular with hobby farmers who want a friendly cow that won't tower over the children and can be handled easily. Our herd includes the full colour range: red, dun and black.

Our home-bred bull, Watermark Bounty, was born in 2006, which was a 'B' year, so all Dexters registered that year had to have names starting with 'B'. New prize-winning Bull Chittering Downs Gustav sired his first calves in 2014. You can work out how old Gus is.

Dexter Cattle for Sale - January 2015

We have grade and pure-bred cows/heifers/steers for sale. Cow and calf pairs are also available. Contact us for details.

This breed also makes excellent eating and, because they're small animals, they won't overwhelm a domestic freezer. Our animals are grass fed, which means the meat is lean and tender.