Watermark Kilns Farmstay &
Watermark Marron Farm
262 Karri Hill Road
Crowea 6262 WA
Phone: (08) 9776 7349
Mobile: 0488 775 017
email: hulcup@westnet.com.au

Watermark Marron

Watermark Kilns and Marron Farm is surrounded by state forest and grazing properties and high in the water catchment. The property has abundant pure water.

We produce marron for the restaurant trade and for sale at the farm gate. We're also licensed to sell the local pygmy perch and western minnow, both popular pond subjects and great for controlling mosquitoes and co-existing with frogs. These fish (and marron themselves) were once widespread in the south west, but introduced predators have reduced their numbers and range. By breeding and offering them for sale, Watermark Marron is doing its bit to preserve these species.

Marron are recognised as the world's premium fresh water crayfish. Marron have the highest proportion of tail meat to total body mass (43%) of any crayfish or any marine lobster with claws. If you include the succulent claw meat, 60% of a marron's body is meat. Great value!

Don't confuse them with yabbies or red claw. Marron are the aristocrats of the crayfish world and require water conditions to match. They need fresh, oxygen-rich, pollutant-free water. Anything less and they walk away or just die. Their inferior cousins will tolerate much worse conditions, but then they don't taste as good. Marron are fussy breeders-only once a year in spring. Yabbies? They breed like rabbits. No class.

You can order your marron in whatever form takes your fancy: live, split for the barbecue, boiled, or as a complete marron meal. You can arrange to take away marron, on ice, in a foam container.

The secret for cooking marron? There isn't one. In general, less is more. They have a delicate sweet flavour that can easily be overwhelmed by too much sophistication. They are magnificent with Trevor's fresh bread, perhaps a suggestion of lime or tartare sauce and a bottle of trophy winning neighbours Hillbrook Sauvignon Blanc.

Summer Method for netting a marron meal!